You can now listen to a story and make choices as you go along.

You have the ability, at the beginning of the story, to leave us your email address if you want customised feedback on what your child has done throughout the story and the choices he/she has made, as well as handy tips!

You can also email us ( drawings, models or anything your child(ren) might have produced if you want us to showcase it here! Now Enjoy!

Please do feed back to us, so we can continue to improve.


Little red riding hood

KETKA ADVENTURE; approx. 15 minutes long

Think you know the tale? Think again. Our twist on this classic story allows you to choose what happens…with totally different outcomes. Will you meet the wolf? Will you get the cupcakes to grandma?

Themes: Talking to strangers, peer pressure, honesty, assertiveness


KETKA ADVENTURE; approx. 14 minutes long

A spider in a rush asks you for a favour…will you deliver a card to Shelly? But who is she? What is she? Will you find her?

Themes: facing your fears, accepting others, kindness, trying new things



KETKA ADVENTURE; approx. 14 minutes long

Piklu the alien just landed in your playground, and he wants to know all about humans..what will you do?

Themes: kindness, human body (including the brain), diversity


Mrs Lal and the water pots

KETKA RELAX; approx. 9 minutes long

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough at something? Or had days when you weren’t feeling confident? Have a listen to this story (and song): the perfect way to relax (or fall asleep) while boosting self confidence.

Themes: You are perfect as you are, self-esteem, comparing to others



KETKA QUIZ; approx. 6 minutes long

A quest for healthy food; a monster that’s not in the mood…

Themes: healthy eating, the world around you



KETKA QUIZ; approx. 7 minutes long

Emilina Fluff has way too much stuff. Can you help her help the planet?

Theme: taking responsibility, consequences of actions, looking after our planet (plastic, recycling, animals)

Please note the current prototype requires use of screen-based choices in the stories, but the final product will utilise voice activated technology (essentially screen free). Thank you again for your input.